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Technological convergence coupled with the rapid proliferation of new technologies has opened a wealth of opportunities and legal considerations in the TMC sector. You will access the very latest updates here, covering M&A, investing and financing, tax, licencing, product liability and intellectual property.

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  • Real estate image 15.02.2018 Middle East

    Building blocks of the future

    Blockchain technology has the potential to transform, streamline and modernise the real estate sector. However, there are practical, legal and regulatory...

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  • Signing a contract image 13.02.2018 International

    The rise of the new luxury economy

    Travel has always played host to dramatic and often disruptive changes. At CMS’s annual technology conference, Innovate to Survive, onefinestay’s CEO,...

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  • Fibre optic cables 02.02.2018 International

    IBM Watson at work

    There may be much hype around artificial intelligence but IBM has been demonstrating the business potential of machine learning through its Watson analytics...

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  • Security image 29.01.2018 China

    Detailed standards are published to guide personal...

    The National Information Security Standardisation Technical Committee (the so-called “TC260”) published the “Information Security Technology – Personal...

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